Welcome to CC's Crafts.
I am a handmade quilt maker and crafter.

Growing up in northern Wisconsin gave me an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us every day. Which led to my deep love of arts and crafts. It's how I express myself.


I started making quilts about 11 years ago when my Mom asked me to make her one (pictured below). Creating that first one started me down this path, I absolutely love to create them. I've been so blessed with this love it's truly been a gift that I enjoy daily. Over the years, many people have suggested that I sell them. It took me some time but I've finally decided to start.


The process that makes my quilts come together is always a surprise to me. My inspiration starts from things that touch my heart, my faith, a picture, a beautiful piece of fabric, my imagination, or nature itself. I've also dreamt about quilt designs, even about how I will make them, long before I do. Then I find the fabrics and prints that make my design idea's become a reality. Each quilt is always different and I try to never make the same one twice.


The best part is when it's done, it's a comfortable blanket or even an heirloom that could be passed down.

Right now I am only selling quilts but will be adding other types of crafts to this store in the future.

My Mother Mary's Quilt


Made in 2008

The one that started it all

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